Thursday, November 1, 2012


     If you know me you know I LOVE FALL! I had one Saturday off the 3rd week of September. Husband was so kind to take me 4-wheeling for probably the last time this year. Preston kind of kept it a surprise as to where we were going which was fine with me! Preston already had everything ready to go. I was so excited, the weather was perfect! The trees were so pretty with all the leaves changing colors. We rode all around as Preston reminisced about times with his grandpa bringing the cows down from the mountains. It was awesome!
     After that we headed towards an old mining town known as Summitville. On the way up there all I could do is stare at the trees and the sky. It felt so good! Half way to Summitville we stopped to eat our sandwiches. I couldn't help but notice the mountains were ORANGE! When I asked husband about this he told me it was because of the minerals they had in them and that that color was a dead giveaway that there are gold in the mountains. The mountains were bare because the soil is so acidic that vegetation can not survive. We finished lunch and continued on our way. The higher we got in elevation the colder it got! So husband being the awesome man he is pulled over and let me wear his jacket. After another hour or so of riding we reached our destination! It was an awesome old abandoned town with many old buildings.
     We hopped off the 4-wheeler and toured the little town. Then we noticed there was still a mine there! They are still to this day mining gold. Husband and I just wandered around for awhile then before we headed down i put on my snowboarding pants and husband put on his coveralls and we both put on hoodies and jackets, so we could keep warm since the sun was starting to set.
     As we were heading back to where we started Preston decided to take a trail that looked "interesting" to him. Him and I explored it and I was telling him how disappointed I was that we hadn't seen any wildlife, not a minute after I had said that there were three deer that ran out in front of us! I was then satisfied!
     I love being outdoors and I LOVE spending time with my husband, I'm so thankful for him and everything he does for us.
Awesome mountain
Old 2-story house!

Ghost Town with mine in the background

Preston at the mine!

     On another note... Preston and I were called to serve as cub scout leaders of the Wolves here in Alamosa. I was a little nervous but excited because I love little boys and I would like one. (haha) I think have changed my mind now though haha Preston is soooo sooo good with the boys and such a good example to them!


  1. looks like you had a nice ride! Pretty there. That is the one thing I miss about Alamosa. congrats again on the calling! Knew you guys would be great.

  2. Wow looks like you had a great birthday. Glad you guys got to take some time off and enjoy the few days. Glad you could do it. The ride looked fun and the town looks awesome. Would love to explore there. Love ya